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Lost Contact


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Lost Contact

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Absurdly comic and totally unpredictable, Lost Contact is also a tour de force in 'no budget' filmmaking. Having all the looks of classic cult film noir, its photography is complemented by the witty, dry humour of its dialogue and the twisting plot lines which weave each character into its story.

A story which revolves around the likeable but suicide fixated Beck and his talented but arrogant associate Sam. Two talented artists who conceive and ultimately try to realise a plan to interfere with a smuggling ring on the south coast of England, a plan which rapidly begins to self-destruct as responsibility gives way to incompetence and strategy is left to chance.

Chance being something that Beck frequently feels the need to explore at ridiculously inappropriate moments with the help of his Smith and Wesson .38 revolver.

Accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack, composed and performed by the films producer/director, the overall package delivers on all levels and is a must see for film lovers and filmmakers alike.


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