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Tom Lemon | Lost Contact
Tom Lemon
Andrew met Tom at one of the original auditions at Dartington College of Arts. He was studying there at the time and came along after hearing about the audition. He saw him as a tall gangly kind of figure with young, boyish features.

When he started reading though he knew he was going to play some part in the film. “He started chuckling while reading the page I had chosen for him and I knew he got the joke.” He had a real handle on the dialogue style that Andrew was after and was also pretty confident in himself but without feeling the need to impress.

This meant he had no hang ups about being told what to do whilst balancing this with injecting his own ideas into a scene. His laid back demeanour in no way compromised his professionalism brought to the set and he was also ready to muck in with anything that needed doing. Even if he wasn’t acting on the day he would turn up anyway and want to involve himself in anyway possible. He proved invaluable in making 250 kilogram packets of Tesco Value flour look like 250 parcels of smuggled narcotics.

Dan Francis
Dan Francis came to Andrews’s attention through Steven Boswell. They both worked on a theatrical production at the Barbican theatre in Plymouth together and had kept in touch. Steven suggested he get Dan in for a reading and go from there. “I knew straight away that Dan was in some ways the opposite of Steven. He was sure of himself, more outgoing… he was also very young”.
Dan Fancis | Lost Contact
This could have been a problem in terms of his maturity but he had a good build and was very photogenic. It was uncanny sometimes the way he transformed once the camera was on him and rolling. He was Andrews’s obvious choice for the missing piece of his ‘lead cast jigsaw’ but he needed to read with him quite a few times before taking the plunge. Dan had a tendency to constantly try things in a different way even though Andrew may have decided he had already done it the way he wanted. This meant he often forgot how he was meant to approach the character or scene. Ultimately though he got into a groove and like Andrew said, once the camera was rolling, he just seemed to ‘click’ into place.
Steven Boswell
Steven was at the same audition as Tom though he only just turned up in time after rushing from work in nearby Totnes. Although an ex student of the Art College he only heard about the audition as his girlfriend at the time was studying at the college when notices went up calling for actors. It was lucky really that he was there at all.

Andrew remembers not being able to put his finger on what it was about Steven which made him want to cast him. “ He didn’t jump out at me and I couldn’t picture him in any of the roles but something made me pursue the idea of him in the picture.”

Steven Boswell | Lost Contact

Steven read the script and like all the other actors loved it. After another reading arranged for the following week Andrew cast him in one of the two lead roles. “Initially it was hard to get Steven to really ‘grab something by the horns’ but his subtlety began to show through and as he proved once the camera was rolling, he became his character”. Andrews’s favorite scene turned out to be the Russian roulette Macbeth sequence which involved only Steven in a dark room with a .38 revolver.

Steven, interestingly, was the only lead actor to have a full time job during the day. Lost Contact was mainly night shoots which meant he could be on the set whenever needed but it also meant that he was getting maybe one or two hours sleep before having to get up and go to work. With all this he still turned up every evening and he always knew his lines. This reflected his dedication to the part, the film and the director.

Jody Miller
Jody was a friend of Tom’s at the college and only heard about the movie when Tom mentioned he was reading a great script that some local guy wanted to turn into a movie. Both he and Tom had sat down several times with housemates and read through the script from start to finish assigning themselves different parts.

Jody got in touch with Andrew and showed his interest in being involved. “He didn’t seem to care what kind of involvement he had, he just wanted to be a part of the project. This was obviously music to my ears in terms of help.

Jody Miller | Lost Contact

A week later or so after reading with Jody I saw him more and more playing the part of Tommy, not the sharpest character in the story but more than likely the most sane”.

“I found Jody quite shy at first but I knew there was something in there. I remember one session I had with him where there was just the two of us and I kept telling him he was saying his lines far too quietly… he needed to up the volume significantly just so he would be on the same audible level as his fellow actors. At one point I told him to shout his lines at the top of his lungs. This took several ‘steps’ before getting him to actually shout. Once I had him doing that for a while his delivery naturally got louder.”